Duchess packaging.JPG

The Duchess is a little piece of New York...with an English twist.

The high end pieces like the "gin and tonic" charm chains are one of a kind necklaces made with antique and repurposed charms sourced from England. Circa 1900 watch fob tassels are a signature element often present on those bespoke pieces.  The Duchess incorporates a vast array of iconic charms including hedgehogs, equestrian motifs like crops and bits as well as Welsh dragons and crowns.

Custom pieces can be ordered incorporating any thematic charms. Whether you are a golf lover and you want golf clubs or you're polo player and you want to incorporate a polo mallet, The Duchess makes an amazingly unique and one of a kind gift.

Also, as a unique gift for couples, even a wonderful wedding gifts are "his and hers" thematic necklaces. The example above shows a stork for her as she's expecting, and matching Fleurs de Lis as they live in Paris. His chain features odes to London as it's his favorite city.

Each piece of jewelry is packaged in a recycled English tea tin. Inside the unique tin the lucky recipient will find a tea bag.  However, inside the bag there are no tea leaves, but rather, a piece of Duchess jewelery custom made for them!  A surprising exclusive one of a kind experience and present, not to be forgotten and treasured forever.